Anti-icons for everybody!

We do it because we care...

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This is the Anti-Icon community! No, we're not against icons, we're pro bashing icons! This is the community for exclusively posting icons that contain character bashing.

Rules :

- Before I make any rules about the icons, I put a rule for the community period. Respect the other members. Don't fuck with the mods. And play nice.

- If you post more than 5 icons please use a LJ cut.

- Anti-icons only! If it doesn't bash a character, post it somewhere else.

- Criticism is not a part of this community (unless feedback is specifically requested). If you don't like the icon, don't take it.

- Credit is a must. Be respective to the creators!

- The rules for requests are that you must be IN the community and you have been in it for at least 2 weeks.


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